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PowerCmd is a highly configurable Windows Command Prompt replacement and enhancement tool.

Elements on Margins

- Line Numbers
Display line numbers on the left margin. The margin will automatically adjust its width based on current font settings. Command "CLS" will reset the line number when clear the entire screen buffer.

- Word Wrap
When a word in a line of text automatically moves to the next line as it approaches the right margin of the tabbed window.

- Outlining
Outlining is a feature that places a number of lines into collapsible sections. PowerCmd allows you set the count of lines which will be automatically collapsed to a single line. You can also disable this feature from preference setting dialog. For more information about outlining, see "Tabbed Command Prompt"


- Initial Directory
PowerCmd allows you to specify the folder that contains the original iterm or some related files. Sometimes, programs need to use files from other locations. You might need to specify the folder where these files are located so that the program can find them.

- Auto Save Logs
PowerCmd allows you to save command line output logs automatically. It is a critical feature that can help prevent loss of your work. This capability doesn't impact your interactive operations on consoles, but can protect your data if console or your computer unexpectedly quits, and can provide you the history log of consoles conveniently. You can easily access your logs from PowerCmd toolbar.

PowerCmd allows you to define your own rule for the name of the log file using builtin date and time variables.

Font and Colors

If you wish to change the font and colors of you console, just go to preference setting dialog and change it from appearance tab page. PowerCmd allows you to change the display items below:
- Font face and size
- Plain Text (command line output) color and background color
- Line numbers margin foreground and background color
- Outline margin foreground and background color


- Quick Launch Toolbar
PowerCmd allows you customize a toolbar for quick launching applications, batch scripts and commands. Each toolbar tool content contains six elements: title, command, agruments and initial directory. The other two define the target of the tool, which can be a console application or a Windows application with graphical interface. The console application or command, batch script file, can be applied to current console or it will start a new one. The icons stand for the launch types of tools:
    "N": in a New console,
    "C": in Current console,
    "W": Windows applications.

Quick Launch in Command Prompt

- Trigger to Auto-Completion
Fully automatically or by Tab key, or be disabled.

- Directory commands
List as much commands as you need to display only directories for the commands when auto-completion enabled.

- Response of left double clicking on tab
PowerCmd allows you to run a set of commands or batch scripts within current console when you left double click on tab.

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