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PowerCmd's Privacy Policy

PowerCmd is concerned about your privacy. As with most industry-standard web serving software, each visit to our website generates a logfile entry that indicates time of visit, the domain name of your machine (e.g., "") and the file(s) (and their sizes, in bytes) that your visit generated. PowerCmd uses information generated from each visitor to our website to determine the most often visited pages of our website. PowerCmd does not collect personal information. We use industry standard web server logfiles to record baseline visitor information. PowerCmd does not sell, trade, or rent any visitor information. The data we collect is for internal use and will be kept condifitional.

Cookies. We use cookies to help us learn what is important on our website. We never disclose any cookies information.

Security. Any and all information that PowerCmd collects on its visitors is securely stored and is removed from the system each month to off-disk storage. We use additional security measures to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control.

Written Correspondence. We have taken great measures to secure our file servers from their constant attack(s) that try to use our precious resources to relay unsolicited e-mail messages. PowerCmd does not sell mail service(s). We don't sell Internet access. We do not send mass e-mail. We do not "do" spam. In fact, we loathe spam and those who generate it. You have our word that you will never receive unsolicited e-mail from us.

We provide this statement as an assurance to you. We want you to know that your privacy is respected and will not be abused or violated by visiting our site. Please let us know what you think about our privacy statement. Your comments are always welcome at our Contact page.

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