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PowerCmd Changes:


1. Windows 7 support.
2. 64bit Windows support.

Known issues
- Same issue as previous version.
- Ruby/Perl/cygwin and some interactive command line script interrupter may not work.



1. Access customized tools from system tray menu.
2. Stop scrolling when SCROLL key toggled

Known issues
- Same issue as previous version



1. Defects Fixing
2. Save & Restore sessions from last time

Known issues
- Same issue as previous version



minor defects fixing



1. Color command to set background and foreground color
2. Fixed "ftp" command password display defect
3. Fixed Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+Break defect
4. Fixed failed to disable automatically checking for update
5. Mouse Middle Button to copy when have selection and paste when no selection.
6. Support environment variables in start directory in preference dialog
7. Handled underline defect in AutoCompletion
8. Restore size and position of last session

Known issues
- Same issue as previous version



Defect fixing version
Enhanced functionalities of AutoConvert "/" to "\"

Known issues
- Same issue as previous version



1. Automatically add quote to folder name with spaces
2. Quick Launch: Run command & pause
3. Hidden files auto completion
4. Up key for history in irb
5. Register menu
6. AutoFix "/" to "\"
7. Create a folder in base log folder with <month><year> format and put the files in there
8. Settings: Auto complete with Enter Key instead of Tab Key
9. Settings: Space key should also be considered as type in that auto-complete selected entry into command and dont execute it.
10. When autocompleting a directory name, add a trailing backslash
11. Created Bookmark with Ctrl+F2 and navigated with F2 keys
12. Keep silent when shut down

Known issues
- Still not fully compatible with unix like commands (ssh, irb, ruby, cygwin)



1. New features
- Ctrl+S to pause the consoles and press again to resume

2. Fix
- Halt on ruby and rails console (ruby script\server, ruby script\console)

3. Known issues
- Still not fully compatible with unix like commands (irb, ruby, cygwin)



1. New features
Secondary autocompletion list: history parameters list. User will be able to switch between the first and secondary level of lists by pressing CTRL key

2. Defect Fix
- Halt on ruby command "irb"
- Fixed some unix tools defects
- Fixed the window focus issue



1. New features

- Integrated to Shell
- Command line parameter supported: /C or /K: carry a command, /P path
- Watch environment variables
- Command history window by F7
- Filtered command history window by F8
- Transparency

2. More configurable

- Option to exit the application or minimize main window to system tray on clicking window close button (X)

3. Usability

- Allow\Disallow multiple instances
- Autocomplete files and directories by "\"
- Escape to clear current input
- Add shortkey to QuickLaunch Tools
- Traditional "Select and Click" way of copying text (Ctrl + Right Click)
- Drag and Drop file or directory to cmd windows directly
- Hide blank line before current prompt
- Put current tab title on the main window title



1. More configurable

- Color of line number margin.
- Color of outline margin.
- Redesigned preference settings dialog.

2. Usability

- Automatically outlining/folding. Also allows you to set the count of lines which will be collapsed to a single line.
- Quick Launch Toolbar. Allows you to add your frequently used tools to a toolbar.
- Remember layout perspective.
- Automatically check for updates, or disable it and check it manually.
- Mininize to tray as default action when close the application.
- A very nice full screen mode.
- Allow to find both words and phrases in a console.

3. Compatibility

- .NET console application
- Cygwin (basic functionalities)
- PowerShell (basic functionalities)



1. Configurable

Configurable is the most significant change for this release.
- Set start directory. Although I can achieve it in last release by setting the corresponding parameter to the windows shortcut, I am not sure everybody knows this trick. So it appeared on preference dialog in this release. Furthermore, it supports environment variables like Windows shortcut does.
- View/Hide line numbers. It's new? Hun, it has been there since last release. But in this release, the LineNumber column on the left is able to adjust the width automatically.
- Enable/Disable word wrap. This is new. Actually it is the opinion of a softpedia reviewer.
- Enable/Disable Auto-Save logs. You can set the rule for log file name in v1.0. In my view, the logs help prevent loss of my work. But someone may not need it. Nevertheless, change it as optional.
- Behavior of triggering Auto-Completion: In addition to simply enable/disable it, a new option was added: trigger auto-completion by "TAB" key.
- Set font face and size, font color and background color. One of the users contributed this idea. I appreciate his/her comments. I thought it was not important before. But now I cannot work without favorite settings.

2. Usability

- Use shortcut key Ctrl+1/2/3/4 to change active pane. You can shift between tabs in the same pane using Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Shift+Tab
- Goto logs folder directly. A button was added to toolbar so you can open the logs folder quickly.
- One more pre-defined layout: up-down two rows.
- Set commands which will display directories for auto-completion. The default command is "cd" and "dir". For these two commands, only directories are displayed for completion.
- Customized behavior when double clicking on tab. You can set some commands which will be sent to the selected prompt window after double clicking on tab. The default command is "start". In this case, double
clicking the tab will clone the prompt windows.

3. Defects fixed

- Fixed some defects
- Behavior for closing a prompt changed
  >v1.0: all the children process will be closed when a prompt windows closed
  >v1.1: only the prompt windows itself will be closed.

4. Refine

- Better website, better logo and icon...



First Release, main features include:

- Auto save logs:

There's no need to redirect the command prompt output to a text file any more. Powercmd can automatically save the command prompt output to a text file.

- Highlight

Once you've input some keywords or phases in the search toolbar, there's no need to scroll around looking for your search terms. The Highlight button instantly lights them up on the page, making it easier to find relevant information.

- Word Find Button

Finding a particular word on a command prompt window can be frustrating. With the search toolbar however you easily jump to the first instance of a word by typing it into the toolbar search box, then clicking on the toolbar's Word Find button to find each additional occurrence of the word.

- Easy Internet Search

Keep the power of internet search close at hand. Powercmd makes it easier than ever to find any command line output words you want on the Web.

- Minimize to System Tray

Minimize the window into the system tray and make a clean desktop.


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